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The perfect place for true coffee lovers!

I decided to embrace this passion and share it with you and so was born Cafexo. I truly hope that you will enjoy your Cafexo experience as much as I do. Come to our boutique you will see for yourself why there is no place like this one: where true coffee lovers can experience a coffee like nowhere else.

The birth of Cafexo is written in the name:
Café, love and kisses.

The mission is simple and clear. Offer our customer the best coffee experience ever!


Cafexo on the lake

Come and live the Cafexo experience


at home

Enjoy our products even at home

Live a great experience!
Here are our upcoming events

Join us for a little cup of heaven!

  • Espresso

  • Cappuccino

  • Latte macchiato

  • Cafe latte

  • Flat white

  • Caramel macchiato

  • Doppio (double espresso)

  • Ristretto (short espresso)

  • Americano


Cafexo Virtual Tour

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