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Café ipomoea

Make sure that your milk foam is fine and velvety. Carefully run a spoon over the surface of the milk foam to shape it and remove the little air bubbles.

Tip: The little air bubbles will burst if you tap the cappuccino cup gently on the table.

We recommend using chocolate sauce to decorate cappuccinos.

Make sure that you use cold chocolate sauce in liquid format.

Draw two circles with the chocolate sauce on the surface of the milk foam.

Prepare a coffee and skim off the cream with a spoon.

Spread the cream outside the smaller of the two circles, as shown in the picture.

Run a wooden skewer through the foam eight times from the centre working outwards and then eight times from the outside working in.

Tip: After each line, wipe the foam off the wooden skewer with a cloth.

Finally, draw a dot in the centre of the inside circle with the chocolate sauce.

You are now ready to serve your decorated cappuccino.

Enjoy trying and tasting!


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